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Research & Development

R&D and innovation are the driving forces that lead AB TUNNELLING in the realization of the best solutions to meet project requirements.
There are numerous centers of excellence from Italy and foreign countries with whom AB TUNNELLING has been cooperating with a view to Design Thinking and testing protocol preparation. Some of these are:

STUVA working group for the preparation of guidelines for “Application and testing of accessories for precast segmental tunnel linings”

SCAUT as open know-how network to drive innovation in the undergroud space even with real trials at the Hagerbach Test Gallery

SIG working groups with focus on mechanized tunnelling and specifically on:
“Back-filling grout design, standards, performances, tests and on-site controls and monitoring activities”;”Maintenance and repair into mechanized excavation”

GEEG for the study of the wear of the TBM cuttinghead tools and correlations with ground features and cutting tools (disc cutters)

University of Brescia for FRC (Fiber reinforced concrete) testing and simulation for underground lining applications